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Since its creation on 1999, S.A. GOLDON Laboratories have developed and integrated all services you need to make your future products available under your brand name. We are an innovative company constantly searching for new ideas.

We have established, through the years an insightful and unique formulas, what many consider the best products.

  • High on the list of what is most important to our customer is Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Your reputation is one the line when your product is purchase just as our reputation is when we manufacture a product for you.
  • Our personnel strive strive everyday to provide products and the broad range of services necessary to satisfy your requirements of quality control and quality assurance.
  • We assigned a task force of technical and managements specialist to each projects.
  • Innovative chemists and technicians staff S A GOLDON's fully equipped Research and Development Laboratory.
  • Our management team has compiled a wealth of experience in all facets of our business: research, chemistry and technical product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and product promotion
  • We built our business on loyalty and trust. We fully understand the necessity for total confidentiality and guarantee the safeguarding of each customer's formulas and projects.
  • We do not compete with our client. That's our promise to you, an extra assurance that your secrets are safe with us.
  • Bureau of Food and Drugs Administration (BFAD)
  • Environment Certificate Compliance (DENR-ECC)
  • Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)
GOLDON Weaving Corporation, established in 1996, has been through the highs and lows of Philippine's textile industry. GWC has evoled, as textile producer, being involved in pure weaving cotton, mixed weaving cotton, 100% polyester fibre and currently developming more. To stay competitive in today's markets, we place a great deal of emphasis on improving techniques and developing products. Due to our achievements in Research and Development and humanizing management, we have earned a solid reputation from our customers both local and international.
At GWC, we stressed the following:
  • Continous Research and Development to meet markets needs;
  • Enchanceing productivity & quality streamlining; processes and updating machinery periodically accurate and to automatize manufacturing procedures;
  • Improve our quality - oriented management;
  • Product diversification;
  • Quality over quantity approach.
Our mission is to produce and deliver low cost yet high quality textiles to the total satisfaction of our customers in global markets with a high degree of environmental consciousness and to contribute to the Filipino Community whose reputation is built on the ability to satisfy our customers by giving them superior products while maintaining quality, value, and schedules.
Telephone: (+63.2) 432.2126
Fax: (+63.2) 432.2125
Postal Address: 633 Paso De Blas, Valenzuela Metro Manila, Philippines
Golden Star Rice Mill (GSRM), has been in the industry for more than 2 decades as an idea in the minds of its founders dedication to help the Filipino's to the cause of improving the quality of rice.

Service was expanded in early 90's when Golden Star Rice Mill, was organized to handle rice dying in automation manner.

Today GSRM, is a full-line supplier of the finest quality available. From our central location in the heart of the agricultural land "PANGASINAN",
GSRM ship rice across the country.

At GSRM, we serves all major divisions of the rice industry - foodservice, retail, private label, and industrial.


Some of our quality product and services includes the following:

  • Rice Milling
  • Trading of Palay, Rice & Corn
  • Trucking Services

In line with the expansion plan, Golden Star Rice Mill facilities will undergo its rehabilitation soon to stay competitive with the current market.

This aim to produce and deliver low cost yet high quality rice for the Filipino consumer.

Mailing Address: 1 Carmen West, Rosales, Pangasinan, Philippines
Telephone: (+63.75) 582.7302
Fax: (+63.75) 582.7317
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